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Thread: How to add a button in an editable grid

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    Default How to add a button in an editable grid

    Hi all,
    i want to add a button at the last column on each row of an editable grid using following code:

    final Button buttonInGrid = new Button(i18n.resetButton(),
    new SelectionListener<ButtonEvent>() {
    public void componentSelected(ButtonEvent ce) {
    GWT.log("buttonInGrid is clicked...", null);
    final AdapterField adaptField = new AdapterField(buttonInGrid);
    CellEditor editorBtn = new CellEditor(adaptField) {
    public Object preProcessValue(Object value) {
    return ((Button)adaptField.getWidget());

    public Object postProcessValue(Object value) {
    return ((Button)adaptField.getWidget());
    But the buttons only appear, when I click on its cell. I would like to make all buttons appear at the first time when the editable grid is loaded. How can I achieve it?
    Thanks in advanced!

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    You set tha button as an editor. They only appear of you want to edit that cell.

    The next GXT2 release (M2) will ship with a grid widgetrenderer

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