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Thread: Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect as seen on facebook and hotmail

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    Default [UPDATE] Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect as seen on facebook and hotmail

    Hi All,

    UPDATE 18/01/2010

    Fixed regression where disabling the component didn't properly disable the items.

    UPDATE 16/01/2010 (Part 2)

    Fixed to prevent extra empty hiddenName value from being posted.

    @frederickd - I'd forgotten about this one until I saw you on the forum

    UPDATE 16/01/2010

    Fixed bug when setting disabled in config.
    Updated CSS to remove gray background from input when component is disabled.

    UPDATE 15/01/2010 (part 2)

    Fix to disable item listeners when component is disabled.

    UPDATE 15/01/2010

    Fixed regression that made transforming an HTML Select incompatible with Ext 2.x
    Fixed issue with setValue being used prior to rendering.
    Fix to prevent passing null to setValue from causing problems.
    Fixed inconsistency regarding forceFormValue config and form submits.
    Fix to prevent component submitting values when disabled.
    Fix to ensure that minChars does not affect a values query.

    UPDATE 29/12/2009

    Fixed IE8 Quirks Mode issue when transforming a HTML Select.
    Fixed typo

    UPDATE 29/12/2009

    Fix to replace removed store records when component is destroyed.

    UPDATE 28/12/2009

    Fixed a silly typo which prevented setValue working with a remote store.

    UPDATE 27/12/2009

    Additional fix to destroy process.
    Implemented addNewItem method to fix issue raised in post #242

    NOTE Anybody using this component with the allowAddNewData config and a remote store is advised to use the new addNewItem method within their newitem event listeners.

    For a demo, see the remote example here:

    UPDATE 26/12/2009

    Fixed queryValuesIndicator typo.
    Fix to ensure that blurring component behaves consistently (removing typed chars).
    Fix to onResize to ensure all elements have been renderred.
    Fix to unset preventMultipleRemoveEvents after all items have been removed.
    Fix to normalize string in setValue method.
    Fix to add a missing ;
    Fixes to reset and destroy processes.
    Implemented itemDelimiterKey config.
    Implemented beforeselect event.

    UPDATE 21/10/2009

    Fix to prevent the component receiving focus when reset is called.
    Removed unnecessary usage of trim.
    Fixed bug in setValueEx method.
    Added a new forceFormValue config to force form values (submission or BasicForm.getValues) even when no items selected

    UPDATE 27/09/2009

    Fix to prevent submission of empty value when doing a raw form submit.
    Fix for IE8 error during transform.
    Inclusion of superboxselect-gray-extend.css from the extended gray theme (Thanks Galdaka)

    UPDATE 24/09/2009

    Fix to work around Ext 3.0.0 bug - store load event not providing params to callback.
    Fix to allow store to be provided as an xtype.
    Fix to clean up after prevention of 'remove' events during clearValue.

    UPDATE 22/09/2009

    Added 'clear' event.
    Added a 'record' param to the addItem and removeItem events.
    Added 'supressClearValueRemoveEvents' config.
    Added fix to escape internal regexp.
    Added new 'supressEvents' param to clearValue method.
    Removed docs for removeAllItems method - clearValue should be used instead.
    Added addItems method.
    Fixed scope issue in getValueEx method.
    Fix to provide an originalValue (and fix reset) when remote store used.

    UPDATE 07/09/2009

    *NEW* Remote compatability - you are no longer limited to a local store!
    Multiple bug fixes (many browser version specific).

    UPDATE 03/09/2009

    A few minor bug fixes and a maintenance release to make compatible with Ext 3.0.1

    UPDATE 15/07/2009

    Fixed a couple of bugs that occured when using setValue when the component had not been rendered (eg. hidden tab).
    Enabled setValue to accept either an array of values or a delimited string.

    UPDATE 28/06/2009

    Fixed IE6 display issue with applyTo and transform.
    Fixed a couple of dodgy non var'd variables.
    Increased 'close button' target size and changed cursor to pointer.

    UPDATE 27/06/2009

    New Fully Supported Combo Features:
    - Ability to applyTo an existing element.
    - Ability to transform an existing HTML Select.

    Bug Fixes and Code Tidy Up (A big contribution from Mystix - Many Thanks).

    The attachment has been updated as have the example pages linked below.

    There is already a similar component on this forum (, but as development seems to have stopped, I was asked to create a component like this one which fixes the errors and adds some additional functionality.

    I've put a first demo of the component here:

    Ext 2 Example:

    Ext 3 Example:

    Ext 3 Extended Gray Theme Example:

    Remote Store Example:


    It's still in beta so there is some refactoring to do and I may make changes to the api methods and properties, but the functionality is pretty much all there.

    Please try it out and let me know if you experience any issues.


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