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    But I'm having a problem getting the spacing in IE working properly.

    I'm using the miscelField to hold some info fed from the selection of a combo box. Unless they select a certain value, the miscel field needs to be hidden. Only shown(and filled) if they select the value I specify.

    I have tried several different things and the following is the only thing I can get working 1/2 right. otherwise it shows the info in the top corner instead of below the combo box.

            interfaceInfoPlaceholder = new Ext.form.MiscField("interfaceSelection",{
                fieldLabel:" ",
                labelSeparator: "", 
                id: "interfaceInfo",
                hideMode: "visibility"
            txtInterfaceInfoPlaceholder = Ext.get("interfaceSelection");
            //these give an error - container is null
    any suggestions would be helpful.
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