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loadData will fire a load event without start and limit parameters, making the PagingToolbar think it is on the first page.

Instead of loadData try:
var r = store.reader.readRecords(data);
store.loadRecords(r, Ext.apply({}, store.lastOptions), true);
thanks, this works fine.

here are the other problem that I came across.

I am using the newest PagingStore v0.4 and gridFilter 0.2.8. I have problems on the paging toolbar.

Three problems I've noticed after I did filtering:
1. Page count always keeps the same as well as total records count on the paging toolbar.
2. Store shows current empty page instead of navigating to 1st page (if I filter 1 record for example)
3. if a grid already have filters, pagingstores will display all records then immediately do filtering and display filtered records. so it displays twice and causes some flickering.

I looked code
filterby and clearfilter only fires datachange event. Should it also fire 'load' event to trigger the page toolbar?
And, loadRecords only do Sort not filter. Should it do both?

Thanks for helping. waiting for your answers.