Hi doug,
I'm using the release 2_1_5 and the application i'm working on uses ext 3.4..I've included miframe-debugging.js only as i require only the basic features provided by miframe in rendering an iframe..I find the setSrc() not working,in the sense when i want to refresh the iframe panel by simply calling setSrc(),the load Mask fills the panel and never disappears.I was using an earlier cersion of Miframe which was working properly..

I've done something like this to create an iframe

iportal.view.iframepanel = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
viewConf : null,
conf : null,
uri : null,
initComponent : function (){
var defaultConfig = {
xtype : 'iframepanel',
height : this.height,
defaultSrc : this.uri,
loadMask : true
Ext.apply(this, defaultConfig);


when i click the refresh button in my application,i'm doin something like this