Hi there,
I have a GridPanel, in which I pop up an Ext.Window when you click on submit button. Under my Ext.Window , I have included a formPanel as item, my problem is every time, I close the window, select something else from grid and hit the submit button agin, my form contents are getting disappeared, I have to close my grid and reopen it in order to view the form contents.So basically, my form contents shows off only 1st time when you click submit button.
Why is happening? I am destrying my window, when I close i, so it should recreate the form content, but it's not :-(

Here is the code:
//i have this var decraled globally,and it works like this if I don't have form inside my //window, and just Textarea or something.
var sampleWindow ="";    

sampleWindow = new Ext.Window({
                    title: 'Confirm',
                    hidden: true,
                    width: 400,
                    height: 450,
                    buttonAlign: 'center',
                    items: [                                     
                            {html:'<font color=#334F67><b>'+'Please Enter reason for return:' },
                    pageX: g_x,
                    pageY: g_y,
                    renderTo: document.body
I am doing sampleWindow.destroy() when I close the window..

Please help ASAP..

Thanks in advance..