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Thread: Ext.Slider - Changing the range of an existing slider

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    Default Ext.Slider - Changing the range of an existing slider

    For my application, I am using a slider for user input for one of the data items. The requirement is that the min and max range values of the slider must be refreshed when some of the other controls change (like combo selection). But once the slider is made visible to the user, my changing the minValue and maxValue does not change the range limits. The old limits still hold good. Is there some way I can change the range limits after the slider rendering.

    In order to achieve the final functionality I could possibly remove/destroy and recreate the slider with new limits. But is there some way not to do that? That would be very useful.

    Please let me know.

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    You may need to call the doLayout() method on the sliders container. Post some code.

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