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So if i need to use REST for this purpose why should i use Direct and how should i use it because i would then need 2 points of access for clients which can be hard to maintain at some point...
Yes, you would have two different access vectors but that does not have to mean that you have to maintain these two independently. It should be fairly easy to add Ext.Direct's router as a (fairly transparent) layer between the RESTful interface of your application and your client side javascript. So you only have to maintain the RESTful interface. Nevertheless it is added complexity but it also brings you added benefits. Consider what's more important in your case.

PS: Ext.Direct and Ext.Direct's RemotingProvider are not the same. Batching requests is a feature of the RemotingProvider. Ext.Direct is a quite abstract thingy; Comet/Polling provider for it are in the works, a REST provider would be easy to do. So whenever I praise the benefits of Ext.Direct I actually mean the benefits of its remoting provider.