Easy Pedro

You have add a lot of feature since a stop releasing the 1.1 version of Djn-spring.. Very good Job.

Actually I'm trying to integrate DJN-1.2 and it's hard to override a lot of method.
For some classes I have to rewrite the full code..
I'm trying to make the less modification without forget that I aim to have a full spring management. I will make a big refactoring in djn-spring to open it to any IOC framework like guice,.. (java7 injection)..

Today I will search different solution but I'm quite sure that I can't do what I want cleanly (without copying your class and add the change I need) with the version 1.2.

So my question is. Have you plan to make a 1.3 version (not for tomorrow )?
May I propose you to change some implementation to open you code or should I do my best with the 1.2 ?