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Specifically, I think I am having trouble specifying the autogenerated api file when running the modified direct-form.php file.
Just in case, and to avoid confusion, note that DJN does not create a physical file when you configure it to run with Google AppEgine, the code is returned via an URL.

I have tried many permutations of the following:

<script type="text/javascript"

In the output window of app engine as well as looking at the requests in Firebug, it seems it is trying to reach back to extjs/djn/directprovider and getting (3) 404 errors.

Can anyone provide anyhelp?
If you look at the User's Guide, page 26, there I mention that you need to specify the context name too in the script 'src' attribute. I think you are missing this.

Besides, the documentation in page 26 specifies that you need to set several configuration parameters. Can you check that you did that right?