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Thread: Could you add more config option to Ext.Direct

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    Question Could you add more config option to Ext.Direct


    I've been using Ext 2.0 for so long in a multiplayer browser based game. At that time, there is no Ext.Direct then I must created one on my own.

    It works well till now but I still want some thing built-in and more standard.

    So I've take a look at Ext.Direct, it's small and good but it seems missing some things.

    As you know, polling method stresses server so much. In a high traffic website, reducing number of call to server is a must. But Ext.Direct seems to not concern that.

    So I suppose that you would implement a message queue at client-side and to transport them all at once. it would reduce calls much.

    You can take a look at my game site at: Yugiohnetwork


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    Direct all does this, look at the RemotingProvider.
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