Good afternoon.
I tried to search and find a solution in forums before creating this thread, but failed.
I created an option to select a column display. (like 'display 1' => 'Name, birth, age', 'display 2' => 'First name, Last name, address, town')
This option opens in a new window.
On the left, the list of differents display.
On the right, the display of the columns with predefined names, orders, widths ...
My problem is some displays are wider than the grid width (for example 1000px) and when columns are displayed in the grid, there is no horizontal scrollbar to scroll and view all columns.
Here is my code.
ColModel is loaded when display is selected on the left.
treePanel width is 200px.

win = new Ext.Window({
    title    : 'Columns manager',
    width    : 800,
    height   : 350,
    modal    : true, 
    layout   : 'border',
    items    : [
        treePanel , // An previous Ext.tree.TreePanel object created, width = 200
            id: 'panel_center_columns_manager',
            region: 'center',
            layout : 'card',
            activeItem: 0,
            items: [{
                html: '<h1>Please choose a display</h1>'
                xtype :'grid',
                store : new{}),
                columns: [],
                enableColumnMove : false, 
                enableColumnResize : false,
                bbar :  new Ext.Toolbar({
                    items: [{
                        iconCls : 'savecolmanager',
                        text : 'Load & Save display',
                        handler : function (){
                            // Code to save and load grid display
All is running fine but without the horizontal scrollbar when column display width is big.
Do someone has an idea ?