I am new with ext js but I have been searching through the forums for a while and couldn't really find an answer to my question. It's probably very simple:

I was following along with this tutorial: http://extjs.com/learn/Tutorial:Usin..._Ruby_on_Rails
However, in Ext JS 3.0, these lines are invalid and cannot be inserted int the layout page for a ruby web app because the js that they link to do not exist: <%= javascript_include_tag "ext/adapter/prototype/prototype.js" %>
<%= javascript_include_tag "ext/adapter/prototype/scriptaculous.js" %>
<%= javascript_include_tag "ext/adapter/prototype/effects.js" %>
I know ROR includes scriptaculous...but is this going to cause a problem? I had seen other ext js and ROR users say that they had to use the js files that came with Ext JS in order to get some unexplained errors to disappear.
Thanks for the help!