An updated version specifically for the Ext SVN can be found here:



Have you wanted to build your own Ext JS files but couldn't because your on *nix or a Mac? Well we now have the solution for you and yes it even works on windows too.

Announcing the Java JSB Builder 0.1 Alpha 1a!

Download the Java Ext Builder 0.1 Alpha1a Here

Java Ext Builder Read me:

Place the builder directory in the root of your Ext JS source directory (Ex: E:\Ext\Builder).

Setting up your .jsb file build path
  1. Open the .jsb file in your favorite text editor and look for the <project /> xml tag
  2. Find the `output` parameter
  3. Set the value of the parameter to your desired build directory (The directory does not have to exist as it will be created in the build process).
    • the resources.jsb and the examples.jsb usually have an output path the same as Ext.js but with an added folder to place all the files in a ./resources and ./examples sub folders.
  4. Save and Close the file.
* Note * Remember there are three .jsb file: src/Ext.jsb, examples/examples.jsb and resources/resources.jsb

Running the Build Script
- build.(bat|sh) script will build out a compressed version of Ext.
- build-debug.(bat|sh) script will build out a debug version which just strips out the comments out of the files but does not compress the files down so that way it's easier to debug your applications during development.

Version History
0.1 Alpha 1a - June 23, 2007
- Fixed a bug with // being striped when it is not a comment.

0.1 Alpha 1 - June 9, 2007
- Initial Release