thanks to ExtJS I could build a File Manager with a directory tree and a grid that displays the list of files. I have added listeners to the contextmenu event for both- the TreePanel and the Grid (ColumnModel).

If I right-click a tree node or a column in the grid, the context menu is displayed. This works for FF2 and IE6/7 - but in Opera 9.2 nothing happens. I have enabled "allow right-click actions?" globally and site-wide, but the event seems not to be recognized. Instead the standard Opera context menu is shown.

The same goes for the Demos in the Docs (ExtJS 1.0.1a and 1.1beta1). If I browse them with Opera I can't invoke the custom context menus which are usually visible in FF2 and IE.

Is this a problem with my Opera Configuration or a known problem?

ciao, S