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Thread: Panel's expand button keeps highlighted after mouseout

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    Default Panel's expand button keeps highlighted after mouseout

    I've noticed an issue on IE6 while testing Saki's accordion demo, and then found it again on one of Ext's official demos, so I'm posting this in a separate thread here (after a bit of chatting with Saki on IRC).

    The issue is easy to reproduce: you click on the expand button of a collapsed panel, moving the mouse away quickly. After the panel expands, the button remains highlighted, as if it had not received the mouseout event. (It may seem a forced scenario, but try it and you'll see it's not.)

    I attach a screenshot from the current 1.1b1 Complex Layout example, where the issue is visible in the east and south regions.

    You can also test it with many of the panels in the Accordion demo, both on expanding and collapsing, but apparently only with undocked panels.

    EDIT: on Firefox 2, I could not reproduce the issue using the Complex Layout example, though occasionally the Accordion panels show it.

    EDIT 2: Reproduced with FF 1.5 & SeaMonkey 1.1.1, both on Linux, Complex Layout example.
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    I have somehow managed to reproduce it with FF2.0.0.4@Linux and Complex Layout Example. South and East regions, only when expanding - never when collapsing.
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