I've got a grid with a RowEditor. One of the column's CellEditor's is a SimpleComboBox of Images. The actual combobox list shows the image, but once I click on one of the images in the combobox menu it fills in the value of the cell with the toString() of the Image or something like that. I want it to actual show the image there too. Then when I click off that row and the editor goes away, it shows the correct image in the cell.

final SimpleComboBox<Image> dispositionCombo = new SimpleComboBox<Image>();
Image green = new Image("images/snapshotgrid/green.jpg");
green.setSize("100%", "10");
Image red = new Image("images/snapshotgrid/red.jpg");
red.setSize("100%", "10");
Image yellow = new Image("images/snapshotgrid/yellow.jpg");
yellow.setSize("100%", "10");
Image white = new Image("images/snapshotgrid/white.jpg");
white.setSize("100%", "10");
dispositionCombo.add(green); //green image
dispositionCombo.add(red); //red image
dispositionCombo.add(yellow); //yellow image
dispositionCombo.add(white); //white image
CellEditor dispositionEditor = new CellEditor(dispositionCombo) {
public Object preProcessValue(Object value) {
if (value == null)
return value;
return dispositionCombo.findModel((Image)value);

public Object postProcessValue(Object value) {
if (value == null) {
return value;
return ((ModelData) value).get("value");
column = new ColumnConfig();