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Thread: Tab Main Container Position

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    Smile Tab Main Container Position

    i am using the tab panel.
    what i dont understand is, why it is displaying at the end of the page.
    I manage to show it in the CMS. but its showing after the footer.
    how can i change its position?
    I want it to show right after the image.
    Everything is working fine only the problem is its position.
    I have attached the sample image here to understand the issue.
    i tried to search for the issue in the forum, but didnt find any relevant solution.
    plz help

    Thank you in Advance

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    Thnx for the link, But this is not working.

    Though my code is in PHP. But even in simple HTML, its generating the panel after any content in the body.
    Can anyone help me in this, please?

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    Any Help plz

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    Sorry, we left our crystal balls at home. Without some code or preferable a working showcase (as Tim suggested) how are we going to help?

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