Hello everyone,

I am having this very strange problem with the length of the url in Ext.DomHelper.append method. When I pass more than 736 characters to the url nothing works and this is indeed very strange because firefox completely blanks out when I pass more than the limit of 736 characters. The code is below.

var createPDF = function() {
        Ext.DomHelper.append(document.body, {
            tag: 'iframe',
            frameBorder: 0,
            width: 0,
            height: 0,
            css: 'display:none;visibility:hidden;height:1px;',
            src: 'vvcall.pgm?sid='+sid+'&opt='+opt+'&pgm=exepdf&action=createPDF'+
In the above code when I try to pass extra params to the "src", firefox crashes and no activity takes place when I try to open the page however when I try to keep the length of the src under the limit everything works fine. Can anyone please help me figure out this odd behaviour as I need to pass few extra params to this method.

Thanks in advance