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    Default Buffered Grid Issue

    Hi out there,

    did somebody allready realized a buffered grid fetching data from a database?
    I can`t come along with this problem:

    When the application has been loaded, the grid in my panel still try to fetch the
    data from my database. And the data will never be displayed in the grid!

    The panel still display the "loader-mask" (as seen in my attachment).

    Here is the method which creates the grid:

    public Grid<Monat> getMonat() {
    if (monat == null) { //First, we define the ColumnModel List<ColumnConfig> configs = new ArrayList<ColumnConfig>(); ColumnConfig label = new ColumnConfig(Monat.LABEL, 285); label.setHeader("Monat"); configs.add(label); ColumnModel cm = new ColumnModel(configs);
    RpcProxy<List<Monat>> proxy = new RpcProxy<List<Monat>>() {
    @Override protected void load(Object loadConfig, AsyncCallback<List<Monat>> callback) { POC.mussFilterAsync.getMonate(callback); } };
    BeanModelReader reader = new BeanModelReader();
    final PagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<Monat>> loader = new BasePagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<Monat>>( proxy, reader);
    ListStore<Monat> store = new ListStore<Monat>( loader);
    monat = new Grid<Monat>(store, cm); monat.setHeight(400); monat.setWidth(302); monat.setLoadMask(true); monat.setBorders(true); BufferView view = new BufferView(); view.setScrollDelay(0); monat.setView(view);
    monat.addListener(Events.Attach, new Listener<GridEvent<Monat>>() {
    @Override public void handleEvent(GridEvent<Monat> be) { loader.load(0, 10); }
    }); }
    return monat;
    I guess that in "AsyncCallback<List<Monat>>" the objecttype "list" is wrong.

    Can somebody help?!

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