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Thread: Should GXT implement HasHandlers interfaces?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwallman View Post
    I too would be interested to hear what people within Ext are thinking. Things like are they planing on implementing this stuff in GXT 3.0. The library is great and I think it would be by far the best option if it was more in line with how GWT did things. Thats my one hang up right now. If I at least had an idea of their plans it would make the decision much easier.
    I totally agree. When I jettisoned Flex for GWT, my first task was to learn GWT, not GXT. Learning GWT involved reading their tutorials and learning what Google recommends for GWT usage. Along the way I watched the famous GoogleIO May 28, 2009 presentation by Ray Ryan. I think that any widget set that wants to really attract developers by the thousands will design their widgets accordingly - with support for these best practices built in so that we can use them with minimal ramp-up time.

    So, I would like to 'officially' add my vote for GWT-style MVP support for GXT. I really think this would be a big win for all involved. For the GXT users, it would allow us to develop our code based on GWT best practices like MVP and unit testing. For EXT, they would become the most popular GWT widget library in the known universe.

    In the interim I would like to collaborate on a clean wrapper to accomplish this with minimal complexity. Towards that goal, we should avoid inheritance and embrace composition - basically we need to follow the advice from Joshua Bloch's book, "Effective Java 2nd edition", item 16.

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    Hey guys, they said they would on version 3
    checkout this:

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    Yes, very cool, but when?

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    Unfortunatelly there is no time frame...

    Being a little bit speculative, I would expect something for End 2010/Beginning 2011... but that's only MY thought.

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    +1 on Has interfaces in GXT. I am starting a GWT project and was totally sold on GXT. Now looking into making MVP work and it's not as glamorous. Very glad to see it's on the roadmap. In the mean time I will check out that gxt-interfaces project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugenparaschiv View Post
    Ok, as a result of this discussion and some other threads all over the GXT forums, I created a google code project to address the problem. It is a thin layer of interfaces and simple implementations that sits on top of the GXT framework. The main purpose is to provide a simple way of creating code that is completely testable and mockable via mocking frameworks (such as Mockito).
    I will try to upload the artifact on some public maven repos as well, but in the meantime, just import the code. Hope it helps. Eugen.
    Awesome work here.

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