Can someone please show me an example of how to define the fields for a JsonStore where the data is hierarchical similar to the data that is used in the Advanced Template example?

The Advanced Template example uses the following data definition:

   var data = {
        name: 'Jack Slocum',
        company: 'Ext JS, LLC',
        address: '4 Red Bulls Drive',
        city: 'Cleveland',
        state: 'Ohio',
        zip: '44102',
        kids: [{
            name: 'Sara Grace',
            name: 'Zachary',
            name: 'John James',
I understand how to define the fields for the top level items but how do I specify the fields for the name and age items for the kids?

Any help would be appreciated as I cannot find any examples of the JsonStore with hierarchical data (ie. the kids array above). The Advanced Template example does not use a store.