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Thread: Using Selenium to test extjs combo boxes

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    Default Using Selenium to test extjs combo boxes

    I'm trying to test an ext combo box the way a user would (i.e. point and click) using Selenium IDE. Here's the snippet of code from the .js file that is used to generate the combo box and its contents:
    this.compartments = new Ext.form.ComboBox({ 
              hideLabel: true, 
              displayField: 'name', 
              typeAhead: true, 
              mode: 'local', 
              forceSelection: true, 
              triggerAction: 'all', 
              allowBlank: false, 
              editable: false, 
              width: 70, 
              value: 'None', 
              store: new{ 
                                   fields: ['value', 'name'], 
                                   data : [['none', 'None'], 
                                   ['value1', 'Value One'], 
                                   ['value2', 'Value Two']] 
    My desire is to use an XPath or CSS locator to click on the combo box down arrow, and then select either 'Value One' or 'Value Two' from the simple store.Please note that for this question, assume that no other elements (names or ids) can be added to this .js file. The source files cannot be altered in any way. I must be able to select these objects using a locator of sorts.

    Thank you all again for your time in advance!

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    Default Selenium ide

    It seems like you can use the selenium ide and record the locator.

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