Did anyone succeed in using Spket with ExtJS 3.3.1 and STS 2.5.2?
  • Ive installed Spket 1.6.18 as Plugin
  • Then created a JavaScript profile for ExtJS like described at the Spket homepage

But I dont see any code completion, documentation or anything else. Have restarted STS several times.

Any hints?
I've never actually tried with STS, but I've used Spket successfully wth other Eclipse variants. Here are some things to check.

When you made the Ext-JS profile, were you sure to make it the default by selecting it and clicking the 'Default' button?

Are you sure the Spket js editor is being used instead of the default js editor that comes with Eclipse? You can right-click the file and try open with and select the Spket editor. If this is the case, you can set Spket to be the default through the file associations. Window->Preferences->General->Editors->File Associations.

Also, when you modify Spket profiles you should be able to right click a project in your workspace and select something like 'Reload JavaScript profile' instead of having to restart Eclipse, though if you do this you might have to close any open .js files first.

Not sure if these will help you, but I've seen others run into them with other versions of Eclipse.