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Thread: Building YUI-ext from SVN

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    Default Building YUI-ext from SVN


    I am using latest SVN code and JSBuilder. Pretty much did a straight build. Noticed that the images never populate the target, yet all the files are created? Bizarre. Images are there in the working copy, just not transferred to the target folders. Also, the yui-ext.css file, which should be one super css file containing all the styles, seemed to only have a small subset of the actual styles for Basic-Dialog defined? Is that me not setting up the build to be more advanced? Any advice.. seems like a nice system. click click click Thanks!!!

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    The jsb files in svn need the latest version of JS Builder. There is a serious bug in the latest jsb dev code and before I put up as a release I want to check with Brian (bmoeskau) who's been working on it a lot and see if he knows what's happening.

    By the way, you can get the latest JS Builder code from svn too,

    If you have VS 2005 you should have no problem building it. Brian also added a console version for command line building.

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