Hi. I've searched (google) for "ext 2.3 toolbar combobox size" and variation, but failed to find anything useful.

After upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3 I bumped into issues with input fields being really messed up in Safari (on Mac), and x-form-trigger icons being too short (not tall enough) in IE6 and IE7.

Demo: I downloaded ext 2.3 zip file, unzipped and created one HTML file located at http://wendt.se/software/extjs/2.3-t...2.3.0/bug.html which I then loaded in IE6, IE7, FF3.0 and Safari 3.2 - browsers that my client have decided on supporting (there's a commercial ExtJS license in place, buth they've not yet figured out whether they also got premium support or not).

Full image at http://wendt.se/blog/wp-content/uplo...lbar-issue.png

In summary:
* Firefox is ok (included in image for reference)
* IE6 and IE7 - trigger icons not tall enough
* Safari 3.2 - trigger icons look OK but input fields got squeezed vertically

Any help appreciated.