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Thread: Simple on-line Theme builder for ExtJS 3.0.0

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    Default Simple on-line Theme builder for ExtJS 3.x

    Greetings. Look, please, simple online builder of colour themes for ExtJS.
    It is based on displacement of base colour.

    How to use:
    1.Click Ext Theme Builder.
    2.Select Template (blue or gray) in the top toolbar (i recommend - gray)
    3.Select Base Color, Header Color, Background color, Border color, Header Font, Font, Window transparency, Toolset (Default, Vista, TargetProcess, Graphite)
    and ExtJS version. Unselected Border color will be assigned automatically according to base color
    4.Click Apply
    5.Enter Theme name
    6.Click Download Theme. It will be xtheme-Theme file
    Please, inform me the opinion about the feature.

    Theme builder for ExtJS now supports next ExtJS versions:
    3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.3.

    Quick Theme Builder Window in your application!
    I have added possibility to invoke Theme Builder Window in your ExtJS application quickly!
    You can use Theme Builder Window in your ExtJS application right now.

    var fileref=document.createElement("script");
    if (typeof fileref!="undefined")
    Just copy the code and paste to the browser address field on the page with your application.
    You will see Theme Builder Window injected inside your app.
    And you can use it and try different theme settings to look and feel of your app.

    Apply Theme Live Link
    You can quickly apply created theme to your application to see the effect of new theme!
    Panel Apply theme LiveLink
    contains link on generated theme on the server.
    You can just to copy Apply theme Live Link text to the clipboard, open your application in the new browsers tab, paste Apply theme Live Link text from clipboard to the browsers address field and push Enter. Generated theme will be applied to your application and you can see effect of new theme!
    To clean the effect just reload page with your application.

    09-29-2009, 3:42 AM - The Bug found by Wedgie has been corrected.
    The description on the third page. MS Internet Explorer 6 and earlier does not support a transparency of format PNG.
    The system uses GIF format now.
    Thanks a lot to Wedgie!

    Google code project link

    I would be happy
    to include your user extensions and components to theme processing,
    to help you to implement the Theme settings feature for your application,
    to adopt the Theme builder for your application.

    Theme Builder consultancy offered for 40/hour. Contact me using a private message or send an email to sergchentsov(at)
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