Hi All

There is a limitation in the way the ddText is formatted "{1} selected row{1}" if there is more than one row selected it reads "2 selected rows" which is fine for English but not compatible for other languages. here is my fix:

PHP Code:
Ext.ux.data.GridViewPanel Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridPanel, {
getDragDropText : function(){
count this.selModel.getCount();
//        return String.format(this.ddText, count, count == 1 ? '' : 's'); // <-- original code
var txt this.ddText;
count 1)
txt this.ddTextPlural || this.ddText 's'// <--  backward compatible
return String.format(txtcount);
Hope someone finds this usefull, in order to apply it the two attributes can be specified as:

PHP Code:
        this.grid = new Ext.ux.data.GridViewPanel({
ddText'only {0} row selected'
ddTextPlural'you have selected {0} rows '
Lame example but as I said in other languages (at least greek) both the words 'selected' and 'rows' need to be plural.