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Thread: extracting the column content

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    Default extracting the column content

    I would like the column not to get sorted if it contains the same data throughout, but I would certainly like the header to get highlighted in case of a click.

    I was thinking of suppressing the event in case of equivalent column data, and still applying the style to the column's header.

    Any suggestions on this/ is there any other/better way of doing this?


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    your ide is good.

    an other possible idea:

    you can listen to the event: BeforeSort

    it comes from ListStore:

    PHP Code:
      public void sort(String fieldSortDir sortDir) {
        if (!
    fireEvent(BeforeSortcreateStoreEvent())) {
    in the attached store event you can access the store and look if the values are equal and then you can cancel the event.

    but i see one problem there:

    in the event you dont have the column for sorting :-( and not the sort direction. this makes this event useless :-( i

    @sven: make it sense to add this to the event?

    other solution: subclass the ListStore and check this in a overwritten sort() before calling the super.sort()

    maybe there are other solutions for this.
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