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Thread: How to add checkboxes to grid randomly

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    Default How to add checkboxes to grid randomly


    I want add checkboxes to gxt grid. I can not use CheckboxSelectionModel because
    1. I dont want checkbox in header
    2. I want to add checkboxes randomly in grid cells and not as checkbox column in Grid

    If I use checkboxselectionmodel is there any way to achive following
    1. Remove checkbox from header
    2. Disable or hide checkbox rom perticular cell.

    Is there any alternative for this?

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    you can use your own cell renderer which returns sometimes checkboxes as you like.

    if you have it also with selection, then you have to handle a click in the checkbox by yourself to change the selection.

    i remember there are some threads about CheckboxSelectionMode - you dont find this keyword with the forum search. use the custom google search box in the right upper corner.
    This forum needs your help: you got hints from the community and now you have fixed your code? dont just reply with "now its fixed" or "i found the error"! please take the time to post also an detailed answer with the working code.

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