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    Currently working on a proof of concept with Ext-GWT. Current usability scenario involves using the TreeGrid to manage add/edit/delete (using a context menu) of a Hierarchy model using the TreeGrid control. The TreeGrid uses lazy loading to load the children using a loader.
    We ran into a couple of issues with the above functionality with the TreeGrid.
    1. Using a row editor on the tree grid, we could not calculate the right row to show the edit part -

    rowEditor.startEditing(treeGrid.getTreeStore().indexOf(parent), true)

    the above method does not work when one the other parents above in the TreeGrid is expanded. The not so ideal workaround is to use a pop-up form.

    2. How does the method treeGrid.getTreeStore().getModifiedRecords() handle records(model) that have been removed ? Is there anyway to ask the record if it was an add/update/delete ?

    If any of my questions are unclear, please feel free to ask for more information.


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    Did you ever get anything figured out with question 1. I am currently having the same issue when calculating the index. Any input would be appreciated.

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