If i try and load a grid in an iframe can i include that in the scope of the Ext.getDom() function?

The lowdown:
I'm loading EXT in my top window.
I'm using Domino/Extnd to open my Domino documents in an iframe ( due to server side proprietary form onSubmit tags)
I am embedding a grid in one of these documents in that iframe

When i render the grid it throws an error
uncaught exception: Error listening for "mousedown". Element "ext-gen181" doesn't exist.
'ext-gen181' is a div already generated in the container in the iframe, it begins to build listeners and bombs.

Here is where it bombs in ext-all-debug.js online 1520. Clearly Ext.getDom is not looking in my iframe (duh)
1517var listen = function(element, ename, opt, fn, scope){
1516 var o = (!opt || typeof opt == "boolean") ? {} : opt;
1517 fn = fn || o.fn; scope = scope || o.scope;
1518 var el = Ext.getDom(element);
1519 if(!el){
1520 throw "Error listening for \"" + ename + '\". Element "' + element + '" doesn\'t exist.';
1521 }
Here's what i've done so far:
I added a new config variable to uiview called 'targetIframe'

on line 1009 in extnd-all-debug.js
    var dh = Ext.DomHelper;
	//BDS Added new config object called targetIframe
	if (this.targetIframe){
			var oIframe = Ext.get(this.targetIframe)
			var container = oIframe.dom.contentWindow.get(this.container)
			var container = (this.container.getEl) ? this.container.getEl() : this.container;
    //var container = (this.container.getEl) ? this.container.getEl() : this.container;
var myApp = function(){
	var showBtn, dialog;
	return {
		init : function() {	
			var view1 = new Ext.nd.UIView({
				viewName : 'simpleview',
				container : 'view1',
				targetIframe: 'center-iframe'
		}// end init
	};// end 'return'

Ext.onReady(myApp.init, myApp, true);
as seen in the demo-multiple-views.html of the EXTnd alpha

any ideas anyone?