I have used the following code within my page to open a PDF, this works fine on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I can move the window around the screen with no issues. However I do encounter a problem once I click "+" or "-" sign within the pdf reader. Once I have press either of these and then move the mediaWindow around the screen the window blanks and the PDF disappears. This only effects IE not Firefox.

Has anybody encountered this before. I am running IE Ver 8.0.7600.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PHP Code:
var mConfig = { 
mediaType   :'PDF'
url'https://www.example.com/Example.pdf',//pdf file path
unsupportedText 'Acrobat Viewer is not Installed',
resizable   true
= new Ext.ux.MediaWindow({  
id            'PDFViewerWin',
bodyStyle    'position:relative; padding:0px;',
width        750,
height        600,
mediaCfg    mConfig,
title        Example Report PDF'