I recently removed the doctype in my app which seems to fix some issues and uncover some others. I noticed you can see it in the documentation so I took a couple screenshots. This is the official SDK download hosted locally on XP 32-bit.

In IE6 the bottom of the search box and the trigger on the combo is cut off. Here's a screenshot:

I also ran into issues in Safari and Chrome. Same controls, different issue. The height of the textbox is 14px instead of 20px.

I did a little inpection and found a CSS rule in ext-all.css that seemed to be the culprit.

.ext-safari .x-toolbar .x-form-text, .ext-chrome .x-toolbar .x-form-text {
height: 14px !important;

Overriding it to 20px fixed the problem but I thought I would point it out.

The main thing is the IE6 problem. Any help would be appreciated.