I am trying to automate my build process with the awesome JSBUILDER2. In cold fusion I am using a the javaLoader cfc (http://javaloader.riaforge.org/) to load the JSBuilder JAR.

<!--- use the javaloader to load external jars --->
<cflock scope="server" type="exclusive" timeout="1">
	<cfif not structKeyExists(server,'jsBuilder')>
		<cfset loadPaths = arrayNew(1)>
		<cfset loadPaths[1] = application.gs['jsBuilderFilePath'] & 'JSBuilder2.jar'>
		<cfset server.javaLoader = createObject('component', 'com.utilities.JavaLoader').init(loadPaths)>

<!--- create an instance we can use --->
<cfset jsBuilderInstance = server.javaLoader.create('com.extjs.JSBuilder2')>
So far so code, if I look at the object I can see

object of com.extjs.JSBuilder2
Class Name:com.extjs.JSBuilder2
Method 	                        Return Type
compressOutputFiles() 	        void
copyResources() 	        void
main(java.lang.String[]) 	void
writeHeadersToTargets() 	void
So, which method do I call to simulate calling it from the command line?