I have a new version of the jsBuilder2.jar file. It adds support for the following:

1. Combination and compression of CSS files (same syntax in the json file as JS files...)

2. Fix a bug (what I consider a bug) when outputting a build where all files in the build directory and sub directories had the licenseText appended even when the files were not part of the build. The result, when building to the output directory a subset of the project was multiple licenseText includes.

3. Output filenames while creating the build so that JS errors that broke the compression could be detected. Once an error occurs, you can see exactly which file the error was in.

4. Added support for all YUI Compressor flags. Example:

java -jar c:\testproject1\jsbuilder2\JSBuilder2.jar --preserve-semi --nomunge --verbose --projectFile C:\testproject1\JSBuilder2\testproject.jsb2  --homeDir c:\testproject1\
It was too big to attach to this forum post. I don't have any where to post it so if you want it reply, and I'll email it to you...