Hi all

I have a grid panel which I want export/import to Excel with PHPExcel. This works fine excepting the date formats. When I import the datas, Excel stores the dates als number (numbers of days since 01.01.1900). My grid has dynamical fields, so i dont know when I import the datas if the field is a date or not.

My solution is, that I want store the date in the Excel-Format in the grid's store. But I dont know how.

I have a render function to format the date
function formatDate(value){
     return value ? value.dateFormat('d.m.Y') : '';
The field-definition for the store
{ name: 'DateField', type: 'date' }
{ header: 'Date', 
   dataIndex: 'Field1', 
   width: 50, 
   renderer: formatDate, 
   editor: { xtype: 'datefield', format: 'd.m.Y'};
I had the idea the store the date as int, but then I can't use the date-picker in the edit mode.

Do you have any suggestions?