I am using TabPanel with three tabs, to display news feed from three different sources.
Each tabs title is going to be the Rss Source name like BBC News or Yahoo News etc.
I fetch this data from a call to server side during the TabPanel initialization.
Only title on the active tab is rendered immediately while it shows a strip on the rest of two tabs. The title on the remaining tab(s) is rendered when I click on it. Anyone knows how to make a TabPanel re-render all of its tab's titles immediately after they are set(dynamically)?
Below is my code.
public void onSuccess(String[] newsSett)
tab1Panel.setTitle(newsSett[1]); // panel on Tab 1
tab2Panel.setTitle(newsSett[2]); // panel on Tab 2
tab3Panel.setTitle(newsSett[3]); // panel on Tab3
newsTabPanel.doLayout(); // TabPanel