What's a bug?

A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program
that prevents it from behaving as intended
(adapted from this Wikipedia entry).

The intended behaviour of methods from all Ext classes can be found in the Ext Documentation Center.

[Section 1][Standard info everyone should provide when reporting bugs]
be responsible when reporting bugs. always provide sufficient information to recreate the bug.

include as much of the following info as possible:
  1. Ext version + build no.?
    add this infomation in brackets to your thread titles like so
    1. [1.0.1] My Bug Report for 1.0.1
    2. [1.0.2] My Bug Report for 1.0.2
    3. [1.0.1/1.0.2] My Bug Report for 1.0.1, updated for 1.0.2
    4. [1.??] My Bug Report (and i shamelessly forgot to include the Ext release number)
    5. [1.1] My Bug Report for 1.1 final
    6. [1.1svn101] My Bug Report for 1.1 SVN revision 101
    7. [1.1.1] My Bug Report for 1.1.1 final

    once your issue has been resolved, an Ext Developer will prepend [SOLVED] / [FIXED] (if a bug was squashed) or [CLOSED] (if it wasn't a bug) to your original thread.
    1. [1.0][SOLVED] My Bug Report for 1.0
    2. [1.0.1][CLOSED] My Other Bug Report for 1.0.1
    3. [1.0.2][FIXED] Yet Another Bug Report for 1.0.2
    4. [1.1][DUP] My Umpteenth Bug Report for 1.1 (shamelessly duplicated 'cos i couldn't be bothered to search)

    please refrain from adding any of these tags to threads you start.
  2. ext-base.js / ((yui / prototype / jquery) + build no. + corresponding adapter)? (e.g. yui 2.3.1 + adapter, or jquery 1.2.1 + adapter)
  3. windows(xp/vista) / mac / linux (flavour + x32 / x64)?
  4. browser + build no.?
  5. code snippet / test case (wrap this in a [CODE][/CODE] tag) / simple drop-in example / existing example from the demos?
  6. FireBug stacktrace + line no. where error occurred / error msg if any? (using ext-all-debug.js, not ext-all.js)
  7. screenshot? (optional - but a picture paints a thousand words )
    • if the forum's image uploads are too restrictive for you, just upload them PNGs to ImageShack in between a set of [IMG][/IMG] tags like so:
      [IMG][/IMG] (always use the direct ImageShack link)
      note: remember to check the "remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail" option when uploading images
      flash video? (optional) (using tools like Jing, Wink or CamStudio)

[Section 2][Some Friendly Advice]
  1. this is the 1.x Bugs Forum - post only 1.x related bugs.
  2. remember, this is the BUGS forum. post ONLY bugs.
  3. a clear definition of what constitutes a bug has been laid out at the top of this thread.
    the following do not constitute bugs:
    1. opinions / API design questions / suggested improvements / feature requests
    2. user-contributed enhancements / extensions / plugins
    3. help requests
    4. examples

    and belong in the following forums instead
    1. Open Discussion
    2. 1.x User Extensions and Plugins
    3. 1.x Help
    4. Examples and Extras
  4. always read the API carefully before posting a bug. if you need help understanding the API, feel free to ask for it in Help, not Bugs
  5. be sure to check out the FAQ or Learn section
    -- you're not the only self-professed n00b going "Help!! The KGB's bugging my connection via!?!"
  6. always search the forums before posting a bug for a few simple reasons:
    • it might not be a bug
    • it might have been reported before
    • it might have been "hotfixed" by someone
    • it might have been fixed in the latest Ext build (available here)
      you will turn red and pee in your pants when someone points you in the direction of thread no. 8887
  7. when posting test cases
    • always simplify them.
      -- only the clinically insane will plow through 1,000,000 lines of code for you.
    • always post codes in between a set of tags.
      -- only bert from sesame street will bother to look at pigeon scratchings.
    • always make sure your test code is valid (tip: run it through JSLint)
      -- save yourself the embarrassment. and others from silly code.
  8. please wait patiently for someone to investigate your bug. you may bump the thread after a week if nobody has replied.
    -- frantic thread bumping === hammering your car horn in the middle of a 10-mile long traffic jam.
    -- whining gets you nowhere.
  9. do not start new threads for documentation bugs.
    -- Ext 1.x doc bugs should go in the Ext 1.x documentation bugs thread.
    -- Ext 2.x doc bugs should go in Ext 2.x documentation bugs thread.
    -- Ext 3.x doc bugs should go in Ext 3.x documentation bugs thread.
  10. do not start new threads for tutorial bugs. post them directly in the tutorial / wiki pages


p.s: other members of the Ext team, pls feel free to adjust the list above