Hi, I tried to add chart listener to the stacked bar chart as shown in following codes:

            StackedBarChart barChart = new StackedBarChart();

            List<StackedBarChart.StackValue> data = new                       
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(100, "#AF1E2D", "Text 1"));
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(200, "#006B54", "Text 2"));
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(400, "#003F87", "Text 3"));

            data = new ArrayList<StackedBarChart.StackValue>();
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(200, "#AF1E2D", "Text 1"));
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(400, "#006B54", "Text 2"));
            data.add(new StackedBarChart.StackValue(100, "#003F87", "Text 3"));
            barChart.addChartListener(new ChartListener() {
                public void chartClick(ChartEvent ce) {
                    Info.display("Chart Clicked", "Yes");
And I got following exception:

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to com.extjs.gxt.charts.client.model.charts.DataConfig

Can someone help me to figure out how chart listener works for stacked bar chart?