Ext version tested:
  • Ext 3.1.0

Adapter used:
  • ext

css used:
  • only default ext-all.css

Browser versions tested against:
  • IE6
  • IE7
  • FF3.6 (firebug 1.5.0 installed)
  • Chrome 4.0.249

Operating System:
  • WinXP Pro

  • On IE (at least 6 & 7), minHeight & minWidth are "null or not an object".
    Any script trying to set these on a Ext.Window is stopped on error.

Test Case:

new Ext.Window({
    title:'tryMe', width:400, height:300,
    minWidth:400, minHeight:300

Debugging already done:
  • none

Possible fix:
  • not provided

I guess this has been said somewhere, but can't succeed to find it....

I'm trying to use minWidth & minHeight on Ext.Window.... They are working fine on Chrome and FF, but do not of IE (6 and 7 at least).

Did I miss something?