Hey guys!

Since ExtJS 3.3.0 the enhanced ext-air adapter is available on the official ExtJS download site.

I modified the original ext-air adapter (3.1.0) to include the following features:
  • Ext.DomQuery updated to ExtJS3.1.1 code
  • Template fixes for
    • Ext.layout.MenuLayout
    • Ext.menu.Item
    • Ext.list.ListView
  • Default Templates for
    • Ext.form.ComboBox
    • Ext.grid.GroupingView (default startGroup template with support to use groupTextTpl)
  • Completely reviewed SQLiteConnection, SQLiteProxy and SQLiteStore
    • It is Ext.data.SQLiteDB, Ext.data.SQLiteProxy and Ext.data.SQLiteStore now
    • It uses asynchronous connection now
    • It uses a DataWriter and api to save changes on Records automatically to the database
    • It uses the Store's autoSave config option to define, if these changes should apply automatically or only with the save-method
    • Ext.data.GroupingSQLiteStore available
    • support to connect to encrypted databases (Thanks to PranKe01!)
    • Paging support
    • Inserts and Updates with multiple records are handled within database transactions
  • Advanced FileTreeLoader
    • extensionFilter can be an array
    • dirOnly config option to only allow directories to be displayed
    • skipNames config option to exclude file/directory names from being displayed
  • improved Ext.air.NativeWindow
    • feels more like an Ext.Window
    • Ext.air.Viewport: An AirViewport implementation, which gives you the look and feel of Ext.Windows to NativeWindows with systemChrome:none
    • Ext.air.Window: A class to load NativeWindows like Ext.Windows. It accepts config options both from Ext.air.NativeWindow and Ext.air.Viewport and builds up a full window with items, layout etc. in Ext.Window style.
    • fixed Ext.air.Notify bug
    • stackable Ext.air.Notify windows
    • a real native window MessageBox
  • extended layer
    • approach to let menus, tooltips and layers in general overlap the native window bounds
  • Ext.History override
  • CSS to show scrollbars in default ExtJS design
  • CSS-only implementation to show checkboxes and radio buttons in default ExtJS design (as it was in ExtJS2.x)
  • CSS to avoid the "focus outlines"
  • some minor bug fixes

More to come...

This adapter is for use with ExtJS 3.3.0, but should work with all public ExtJS releases > 3.1.0, too.
There would be no support for ExtJS3.0.x, ExtJS2.x and ExtJS1.x!
It's for use with Adobe AIR 2.0!

Download: ExtJS Download page
Documentation: Online API-Documentation

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, bug reports etc. here!

And last but not least, thanks to @murrah, @PranKe01 and @piroman for their contributions and @JamieAvins for his effort to include this adapter in the official extjs release.