Hello Pranke,

So I followed your instructions and my suspicions were right:

SQLError: 'Error #3115: SQL Error.', details:'no such table: 'vw_admins'', operation:'execute', detailID:'2013'
	at [Eval script](e) (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:13981)
	at [Eval script](e) (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:32611)
	at [Eval script]() (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:32266)
	at [Eval script](forceAll, q) (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:58267)
	at [Eval script]() (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:58350)
	at h(e) (iApplication/lib/ext/ext-all-debug.js:2646)
As for rs, its showing we rs is undefined and I can't seem to catch what sql statement is being sent off to the SQLite database. I'm getting this suspicion that Ext.Air is doing something like the below, but I cna't prove it.

select * from sql_master where table_name= xyz