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Thread: Liferay integration question

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    Default Liferay integration question

    Hello all,
    I have taken the Feed Viewer example code and created a stand alone HTML page with it. The stand alone page works great. I then created a new portlet for Liferay. I can deploy the portlet to Liferay and it works great. But when I took the Feed Viewer code and integrated it into my portlet it did not behave as expected.

    When I run the new portlet in Liferay, all the DIVs and such that make up the Feed Viewer expand outside of my portlet. I can see all the parts there, but it is trying to take up my whole browser instead of staying confined inside my portlet borders.

    Has anyone ever worked with EXT JS inside of Liferay? Has anyone ever seen this reaction? Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    We've seen lots of issues, from small (color changes, bullets where there shouldn't be any) to bigger ones (width problems like you mention). Of course, each could be fixed one by one, but if someone knows an elegant solution to making Liferay and EXT JS play nicely together, that would be great. Maybe a more comprehensive CSS reset block for EXT JS that takes into account what Liferay sets and unsets it by default?

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