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    Default (outlook like) scheduler - recurrence setup form

    I need(ed) an outlook-similar recurrence setup for my application. So I created one.
    I believe every now and than everybody needs this, so you are welcome to use it. It would be nice to hear about you.

    I have to state that as I am a sort of a newbie to this field (ext gwt), the solutions I have used, may not be the best or the most straightforward, and the simplest solution, though I did my best.

    As matter of fact I would appreciate any suggestion of yours to improve / fix it and have a more straight forward and simple solution.

    In this I have used among other classes one that is called "RadioGroupBinding", that is very useful for binding radio groups to a model. I have taken it from the folks from : I think it is very useful and deserves to be here with the plugins.

    And there is a question as well, I have used RadioGroups, and they did not behave as expected, and or that reason had to change a class. Perhaps it is just some kind of misunderstanding of mine, however please tell me why it did not work as expected.

    Here is the function. The removed part is marked with red.

    public class RadioGroup extends MultiField<Radio> {
      protected void onRadioSelected(Radio radio) {
        for (int i = 0; i < getAll().size(); i++) {
          Radio r = (Radio) getAll().get(i);
          if (r != radio && r.getValue()) {
    So, I expected, that when I bind the model, it "setValue"s the value to the RadioGroup -as it did, and in the meantime the function "r.setValue(false)" from the code just above gets called. But it did not. Any clue?

    I put together a "sample" app, removed the unnecessary stuff, it should be easy to use though.
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