Hi Saki, thank you for the great upload widget.

after a few hours playing around with it and getting anoyed of the uploadprogress extension i got a few unsolved problems.

If i got three files on the upload queue where one file is twice, i dont receive any files in my upload.php in $_FILES. So I don't know what to return {"success":false} doesn't work. What happens in the UploadForm is, that no process will be displayed and after a few seconds all the files are removed.... The same problem i got if the size of the files i want to upload exceeds the post_max_size in the php.ini

For people who have problems with the uploadprogress extension in combination with windows these links should help you:

I also didn't get the PECL dll version to run, so i use this one from:

With this both links everything works perfect for me.

@galdaka: Why don't you use a BasicDialog and put the UploadForm just into it for a dialog version. Or is that not what you want ?

I hope i can help someone with my cognitions