Hello all!
I have, after 3 hours of working out the math, completed a demo of the windows vista multi-select drag box on the desktop. I am now trying to create elements that are highlighted( add/remove class) when the drag box is over the items. Here is the code and a demo of what i have done so far. I would like to put make a flow-layout design where elements are auto sorted and its like Explorer in windows(if you haven't seen the demo page title yet this is part of a WebOS i am experimenting with using jQuery, EXT and PHP/MySQL).

DEMO: http://xtrafile.com/ext/drag.proxy.php

To use the demo click-hold on the page and drag to create the drag selection box.

I can't see anyway to distinguish whether the selection proxy is over a special element or not.
I could really use some help as this feature is vital to my project.
Thanks for reading!