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Thread: LiveGrid example

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    Default LiveGrid example

    I ran into some displaying problem while running the Live Grid example at

    Here are my steps.

    1, Open Live Grid examle. The grid is full of data.
    2, I scroll down with the vertical scrollbar to the middle, it's loading.
    But before it's done, I click "Overview" tab.
    3, Wait for 5+ seconds and then I come back to "Live Grid" again.
    4, Now the grid shows "No rows available on the server".
    It shows only one row if I click the up/down arrow on the vertical scrollbar.

    It fills the data only if I drag the scrollbar. This could cause some confusion for the user.
    Any workaround/fix for this problem? I'd like to use Live Grid in our app.

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    i fixed this about 10 minutes ago in SVN

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