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Thread: Help need for Extending TabPanel

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    Question Help need for Extending TabPanel


    I have a requirement that a widget (Horizontal or ContentPanel) needs to be displayed constantly on the right side of header (where tabs are shown). I went through the code and understood a fair bit of it. The summary of my understanding is i need to extend the TabPanel class and override the onRender method. This method works on elements and el i.e the lowest level API's available. I tried getting the string representation for the panel so that i can easily add it at the appropriate section within the onRender method but it just returns
    i guess thats because the widgets not rendered. So how do i get the HTML tags which would normally come when the panel gets rendered?

    Do let me know if my problem was clear.

    Btw i am using GXT 2.1.1 for GWT 1.7 ...

    Thank you!
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