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Thread: [FIXED-21] Registration and Proxy Issues

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Wink about the Ext Designer

    I need somebody's help ,please tell me how to using the new Ext Designer?

    Have any book's about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jburnhams View Post
    We understand how aggravating the proxy issue is, and we are working on getting a resolution in place
    Any news on the proxy as I can use at home but not on my works laptop as it uses configuration scripting..

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    Default No joy on Snow Leopard with no proxy

    I too really want to evaluate the designer as I'm a YUI fan but looking for something easier and faster for development. However, I can't even register the designer and I don't even have a proxy server here. All I'm running is NAT on my router and Norton on my MacBook.

    I wouldn't really mind if this was all free/open source however, this is supposed to be a commercial app that I will lay down my hard earned money for. Not happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgorin View Post
    However, I can't even register the designer and I don't even have a proxy server here. All I'm running is NAT on my router and Norton on my MacBook.
    Send us an email at _ at _ with the specifics (What steps have you taken? Where does it fail? Do you receive an error message) and we'll get you up and running.
    Aaron Conran

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    Still no fix for the proxy issue yet...? I am delivering a presentation on the benefits of EXT in 2 hours at an internal company forum (probably about 30 developers) where I was planning to use EXT Designer as the center-piece. I have been using the trial on my home pc with no problems (it's great BTW) and now, with 2 hours to go, on my work pc I'm getting this "login" issue... What the heck am I gonna do now?

    Back on 23rd March you guys (abe.elias) promised that you were on top of this and would have a fix soon. A month later seems like it's still an issue? Ah man... I'm gonna look a bit foolish now trying to explain that "Designer" puts EXT above the other frameworks.

    Quote Originally Posted by abe.elias View Post
    Unfortunately proxy servers are proving more challenging than in our private beta. We're on it and hope to have resolution soon.

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    Experimental DLLs

    Anyone who has having issues with a proxy in Windows could you please try replacing the Qt DLLs in the Ext Designer installation folder with these:

    Please respond back if this fixes/or does not fix your issue and what your proxy configuration is.
    Aaron Conran

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    After replacing the DLL, I'm unable to get to the splash screen to enter in my username/password. If I put the original DLL back in, I can get the splash screen back, but it still won't accept my username/password.

    proxy config:
    "Automatically detect settings" is unchecked.
    "Use automatic configuration script" is unchecked.
    "Use a proxy server for your LAN (..)" is checked.
    "Bypass proxy serer for local address" is checked.

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    A new build will be coming out with the ability to configure your proxy settings if they aren't automatically detected. The previously posted DLL by Aaron is apparently broken in some instances, but I will put an edit on the post when a working one is available to try.

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    jap, dll ist not working..

    ...and i am still not able to use my Ext Designer.
    Registration of Ext Designer is even from my standaline client (no proxy --> direct connect) not possible --> error message: my trial has expired!

    ...buying a product you can't use is little bit frustrating
    (* Purchase of Ext Designer License is Date: March 19, 2010)...

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    Default ExtDesigner and proxy - Problem to activate

    I have the same problem

    ExtDesigner Windows version running in a lan with proxy, it is not possible to use it, the application does't connect to internet and I receive error of license or invalid user name.

    - I tried to change the proxy configuration, passing it to manual;
    - Put in the environment variable http_proxy=http://myproxy:8080 ;
    - Changing the Qt library, not working

    Now I'm trying to install ExtDesigner in a virtual enviromnet and try to enable it outside the proxy.

    I have the same problems with the linux version in the office, at home (direct connection) it work.


    Piero Proietti

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